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  •  To all of my would be benefactors and potential benefactors. I need you all to really understand about how this business really works. Over the last couple of months I have received a rash of fraudulent checks from new benefactors. I guess that these benefactors thought that I and others like me are not savvy enough to go through any banking process. This fraudulent check practice is costly and real time waster. Benefactors hear this cash works in this business and it works well. There is a level of trust in what we do as   "Elite Male Companions". We have to trust that the benefactors to live up to there end of the agreement. Now here this I don't accept check of any kind. I accept bank wire's from verifiable accounts, debit - credit cards, money orders, money transfers (western union, money - gram, etc.), and of course cash.
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  • Hello World!!! Here is a simple introduction enjoy what you read.  I hope to hear from you benefactors real soon. Being raised in Chicago Illinois, was a blast. I have, traveled the world for business and leisure throughout my life. I recently relocated to Houston Texas the area is booming  and the city moves at different pace of life. In my travels I have been taught by women how to treat a lady! I am a simple, respectable and professional as a companion I aim to meet your standards. I believe I have as a little insight and some understanding into ladies that want to be the apple of my eye and the center of  my attention. What I have discovered is treating women well isn’t that hard. I've always been that man that will plan that last minute spontaneous getaway, have fun at low key event, a wedding, or just great glass of wine and some quite talk or night of good back in forth conversation! Being a companion has taught me that discretion is the better part of valor as most of my clients are older than me and are very successful, I am learning so much from them that many of them have become mentors. I've come to realize that being a companion, means that I get to bring a different feel to situational dating in the 21st century. More often than not it means just being able to be there for a women when she needs that male figure around for social events, entertainment – dinner outings, travel - vacation plans, post-divorce – wedding plans, holiday parties - family outings - girlfriend’s approval, etc. I hope to meet with you all over coffee to discuss your needs and how I can assist in your plans.


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