Phone: 281 901-7395
Pricing: 2 HR $600
4 HR $1000
Overnight $2,000
Weekend $4,000
Week $10,000
About Me:

My birth name will be added later due to the nature of my my profession. I believe that discretion is the better part of valor. With that being said if selected by you the benefactor lets define terms of my companionship to be with you. Once contact is established I or one of my handlers will securely make contact with you and personally and hand you my dossier. A little about me I am a Gulf War Veteran, Degreed Professional, Active Track & Field Athlete, Sprint Track Cyclist, Fencing with an Olympic Track & Field Coaching Designation, Personal Fitness Trainer/Nutrition/Sports Nutrition Specialist, background.
I am seemingly intelligent confident, calm with hint of charisma, no fanfare, no swagger. I truly believe in building new friendships. My personal Motto; is be a friend to make a friend. I'm open- minded and enjoy getting to know people. I enjoy people regardless of race, age, gender or sexual orientation. I make it a point to find out what my friends interest are. I am very calm, cool & social person who likes to have fun with life. I am in the People, Places, and Things business. I consult with a Small Fitness & Image Consulting Company. I enjoy a good drink, fine food, good music, epic movies, interesting looking people, great story tellers, exciting times, new places and the occasional cigar. I am an excellent listener; I can also be inconspicuous, very low key or the life of the party. I am your go to guy, when you need me. I can be dressed up or down. I fit in at dinner parties, social, business, family and friend gatherings. I am well versed, traveled and have lived throughout the world. I am well read, socially, culturally and politically aware. I love learning new things. If I don't know something, I'm not too proud to admit it, and I'll gladly learn from you or with you to improve our budding friendship.

I am Chicagoan, living in Houston. I am available to travel with extensive prior notice. I am a patron of the Fashion Week Scenes around the world I simply love it, Broadway Theatrical Series, Live Music, (Jazz is my thing), Museums of Fine Arts throughout the world, Fine Dining from Chicago to Prague I love the world wide emerging restaurant & food fusion scene), The Opera, Ballet & Symphony are standards on my personal social calendar. On the other hand I love a good dive bar with a greasy spoon restaurant right next door where everything on the menu is good and fating. Going to that that little known art gallery with the undiscovered artist that shows talent and buying one of his signature pieces before he is anointed the next “big thing”. I love going to a hot Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Salsa, Rock, R&B or Hip Hop spot before it gets popular in Houston hanging out with the band, & those oh so young-pretty bartenders, that go by names like Naomi or Season. Chilling at a park in the shade as the sun ducks down behind the cites developing skyline with all the urban essentials, camping chair, a good bottle of wine, picnic basket with all the goodies, a Frisbee, and one of my favorite books which happens to be (A Tea Cup Full of Roses). I really love attending sporting events on an off night, where the stadium is empty the tickets are cheap and the ushers don’t mind you seating in the best seat in the house; the game is great, the fans are few but loud and proud. When the paper is printed the next day every man, woman and child in the city said that they attended that game, that’s the power of media, and belief.

I also really enjoy hearing an individual's thoughts and life stories. If we are going to be friends and companions I need to find out what makes you tick sometimes. I am as down to earth as they come I am as cool as they come. I am respectful, thoughtful, mindful, concerned; open minded, no airs, no fronts, no judgments and a have good soul.
I do have a since of adventure I believe in fun and easy outings. I can talk with you about whatever you like I am pretty well versed or we can hold a conversation about current events, world issues that are deep, enlightening, thought provoking, to solve all the world’s problems. I really like when my female Benefactor lets her hair down and laughs at something a little of center or better yet smiles from ear to ear over something as simple as a home cooked meal, I can relax and be a part of the moments we share. If allowed to be I can be somewhat whitey. I able to give a Karma Sutra massages in a sensual manner if allowed lets escape together into a world of passion and bliss. No matter what type of experience you are looking for let me assist you the Benefactor in having all the power and control in our situation. I can be as dominant as you need me to be. I am not docile or submissive by nature, but I can let my Benefactor control the situation. My essence is that I am calm, soft spoken and practice the fine art of non-confrontational art of war. My Being is divided into three parts my spirit, soul and the essence of my mind and body. I usually down play my role as the quintessential companion, (I know that I can be replaced by my Benefactor at a moment’s notice). This is why I believe in servicing my Benefactor to the fullest forgetting the dollar amount making her experience as real as possible is what really matters.

I have learned to take all my cues from the woman I am with. I believe that woman that uses my service is empowered, well adjusted, and I want her to use the power and control during our shared experience.
I really love when I can interact with my female Benefactor through a series integral and seductive sly glance, smiles, and gestures. The eyes are the gateway to the soul and at the right the moment they tell all. The eyes can show a definite mature self-awareness, physical attraction, prowess and arousal.

This sort of non-verbal communication I believe can establish a playful power dynamic, with some order and structure to cut down on the awkwardness of being out in a “new situation”. This also places a little distance between me and my Benefactor. This could be a healthy and comfortable non-confrontational way of breaking the ice in any situation. I believe that mental, physical, spiritual and emotional, fore play matters. Fore play creates stimulation sets a tone of openness and willingness for soft touches and warm caresses. Remember intimate moments lead to sensual actions as we share this experience.

Fee description upon contract based upon the experience Boyfriend, Husband, Father, Friend, Love Interest, Sexual Experiences, etc.

Note: I always like to receive the remaining payment upon arrival so I can avoid being the stigma of “prostitution”. Remember that I am being paid for my time and services.

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    Mo’s caution in the business

    mo@ dinner Stringfellow London

    •  To all of my would be benefactors and potential benefactors. I need you all to really understand about how this business really works. Over the last couple of months I have received a rash of fraudulent checks from new benefactors. I guess that these benefactors thought that I and others like me are not savvy enough to go through any banking process. This fraudulent check practice is costly and real time waster. Benefactors hear this cash works in this business and it works well. There is a level of trust in what we do as   "Elite Male Companions". We have to trust that the benefactors to live up to there end of the agreement. Now here this I don't accept check of any kind. I accept bank wire's from verifiable accounts, debit - credit cards, money orders, money transfers (western union, money - gram, etc.), and of course cash.
    • Escort for hire in Houston
    • Hello World!!! Here is a simple introduction enjoy what you read.  I hope to hear from you benefactors real soon. Being raised in Chicago Illinois, was a blast. I have, traveled the world for business and leisure throughout my life. I recently relocated to Houston Texas the area is booming  and the city moves at different pace of life. In my travels I have been taught by women how to treat a lady! I am a simple, respectable and professional as a companion I aim to meet your standards. I believe I have as a little insight and some understanding into ladies that want to be the apple of my eye and the center of  my attention. What I have discovered is treating women well isn’t that hard. I've always been that man that will plan that last minute spontaneous getaway, have fun at low key event, a wedding, or just great glass of wine and some quite talk or night of good back in forth conversation! Being a companion has taught me that discretion is the better part of valor as most of my clients are older than me and are very successful, I am learning so much from them that many of them have become mentors. I've come to realize that being a companion, means that I get to bring a different feel to situational dating in the 21st century. More often than not it means just being able to be there for a women when she needs that male figure around for social events, entertainment – dinner outings, travel - vacation plans, post-divorce – wedding plans, holiday parties - family outings - girlfriend’s approval, etc. I hope to meet with you all over coffee to discuss your needs and how I can assist in your plans.


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    Height: 6
    Weight: 180
    Body Type:
    • Slim/Fit
    • Athletic/Muscular
    Age: 40s
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Bald
    Ethnicity: Black/African American
    Education: Other Degrees or Certificates
    What do you offer?:
    • High Class
    • Party Type
    • Companion
    • Travel Partner
    • Mysterious
    • Charming
    • Conversationalist
    • Sense Of Humor
    • Adventurous
    • Red carpet events
    • Dating partner
    • Seeking a possible sugar momma
    • Seeking a possible arrangement
    Are you available to travel if all expenses are paid?: Yes
    Do you speak multiple languages? If so please list them.: English,
    Radius I am willing to service: 150+ Miles
    Houston - Texas