Great Male Companion ready for enhancing your experience

     The time of our lives are counted by the spontaneous moments we put ourselves in. In a time were those moments appear, having someone who further expands and enhance that experience by your side is what any beautiful Women needs.  As someone who will better supplement you, cater to your needs, I got the confidence and know that your making the right decision in me.

     A little about me would show and tell you that I’m admirable, optimistic, loving, open minded, and on the adventurous side! I have the upmost respect for manners and know how to treat a woman in ways desirable by all woman.  I know my way to cooking a great meal, something I rather enjoy and can enjoy a great bottle of wine!!

    I enjoy relaxing and being a listener, something I just enjoy doing.  A skill I think that is needed in any situation.  On the flip side I can also party with the best of them! Being spontaneous has it's perks ?

    Behind a great smile that I was blessed with, is a personality that presents somewhat of a elegant and knowledgeable insight of different ideas. Having a open mind leads to a lot of great moments.

     In my free time I enjoy sculpting my physique, serious about my health from the mental aspect, to the physical aspect. I enjoy movies, as well as, reading books that teach me anything new that may be useful. I love to eat! That’s why I can cook, I can take care of myself. I’m currently seeking my degree in both business and exercise physiology. While I get into my studies, I also am getting into the fitness industry with natural bodybuilding. I also am a enthusiast and motivator for people.


    Here’s a little about me, I hope to learn something new about you soon!