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Older women chasing down younger men for more reasons than you can count., the most visited english newspaper website in the world which has 11.34 million visitors daily (in 2014), wrote an article on the booming trend of modern day relationships between older women and younger men.

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New York Post has a write up on the fastest growing dating app where women have to initate the first point of contact with the man. As you can see times have changed.

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As being veterans in the adult industry and being apart of growing trend over the last 4 years we we’ve worked with all of the major adult websites and now are proud to have created online platforms that give young attractive men (in their 20’s-40’s) and older sensual women (intheir age of 30’s-60’s) the best chance to connect.

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How to Qualify For A Free "Premium" or "VIP" profile
If you are serious about getting your escort profile top level exposure on our website and creating as many new experiences in the adult industry and then you will be upgraded to a "Premium" of "VIP" when you join our adult dating site which allows our members find sensual friends to hang out with, learn from or hook up with.
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This increases your chances of finding many types of women you might be interested in. Older women aka suga mommas

Extremely good looking horny women that want a no strings attached relationship Mature women that want to workout an arrangement or a mutually beneficial relationship This also gets your escort profile more exposure on our website as a “Premium” or “VIP” Member. It’s a winning formula that gets guys off to a quick and fun start.

90% of our “Premium” & “VIP Members” men find their first escort date, find a suga momma OR work out an arrangement with someone within 3 months.

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This is the first & only Straight Male Escort search engine that allows women to search for male escorts aka male companions by keywords or categories such as location, body type, eye color, hair color, somebody that speaks multiple languages and so many more options. You have the ability to create your profile with up to 10 pictures, a blog and featured listings! By answering the questions in your profile you give people more ways to find you so be sure to answer all the questions!

NO NUDE pictures are allowed and it’s best that you don’t use words like “Sex” or “Erotic” because this website isn't about sexual services. It's more intended for wealthy and successful women to find men that can accompany them to outings, events, dates and vacations.

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Most of the women that hire men are most likely share one of these characteristics:

  1. Divorced
  2. Single and successful (time poor/cash rich)
  3. Widowed

Although you could be hired for any special occasion, these are the frequent reasons women hire men:

  • To be treated like a Queen
  • Wedding dates
  • Getaway adventures
  • Work a crowd at a party and dance with guest
  • Travel Companion
  • Vacations
  • Valentines dates or holiday dates
  • To take their mind off their career etc.
  • Show off to their ex
  • Corporate dinner parties
  • Personal Growth reasons
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