Phone: 778-840-4404
Pricing: $200 - 300 hourly
About Me:

im a easy going kind of a person. love to cherish women and make them feel really special. i enjoy life in a positive way and love to sing and laugh and get connected with the nature all the time. and nature is us human a single touch of opposite sex makes me feel alive and the senses goes out of control when you feel that energy. just cant decsribe in letters. its my first time im doing this but i know this is what how i want to live and make myself happy and lady ill be with😁🤗 money is a side that ikl make but this will make me a luckiest male ever who just loves to love a beautiful creature that he made (❤women❤) ill be glad and honoured all the time ill be close with different ladies all the time and im sure theyll like my being around them. dont know else wat to say its my first time and i would love to join and live everyday🙏✊️     thers nothing best feeling when two souls are connected together and love is in the air❤️


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Height: 5
Height_inch: 8
Weight: 145
Body Type:
  • Slim/Fit
  • Athletic/Muscular
Age: 20s
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Black
Ethnicity: Other
Education: Other Degrees or Certificates
What do you offer?:
  • Charming
Are you available to travel if all expenses are paid?: Yes
Do you speak multiple languages? If so please list them.: 4 english - filipino - punjabi - hindi
Radius I am willing to service: 150+ Miles
langley - Canada