Brian James Johnson

Phone: 720-990-0786
Pricing: Pricing:
2 HR $300
4 HR $500
Overnight $1,000
Weekend $2,500
Week $5,500

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About Me:

Happy Holidays!

It is now time to treat yourself - meet me in Florida or Mexico for 3 or more fabulous days. Seriously, if you don't spoil yourself, who will. Spoil yourself with me!

Dancing with the Stars...
Isn't the dancing magnificent.  Wow, the moves, the timing, so elegant.
Aren't the Stars spectacular!  What is it that they can't do?
What about the partners?  Scantly dressed sculpted, gorgeous trophies that we get to admire!  Huum, is it the allure of sex, the dancing or the stars that keeps millions of viewers glued to entertainment?
Who cares, what about you?  Who treats you like the star that you are?
Let me introduce myself.  My name is Brian James Johnson and I'm a professional Male Escort.  I'll treat you like the star that you are.  Call me today so I can take your breath away.


Brian is an adventuresome Portuguese/Russian 46 year old Madison local.  A distinct gentleman with a classy, fun and elegant demeanor.  He can engage you  physically and mentally as our time together seems to vanish so quickly. He is everything including personal and easy to relax with.

An evening with Brian is not only engaging, yet can possess the the opportunity of an exhilarating and refreshing experience. He loves to host & cater to all kinds of professionals searching for a great time in Chicago, Milwaukee or Madison. He is a great dancer and invites you to a romantic, engaging time together.  Spontaneity can be a wonderful addition to the experience of being here or traveling wherever you want to go.




Last evening at a local happy hour I was chatting with a successful business woman.  I asked if she would be mind in answering a couple of question I have about women and dating.

How long has it been since you have experienced an absolutely wonderful date with a Man?  Wait a minute, let me be specific on what I consider an absolutely wonderful date experience to be.

You get picked up and greeted with a warm embrace, a look into your eye and a authentic greeting from a man saying he is so glad we are going out.  He takes your hand and leads you to the car, opens the door and then closes it when you are inside.  You engage in pleasant conversation focused upon you and when you arrive at the elegant restaurant, he opens the door, takes your hand and leads you inside.  Inside you have reservations, and when he guides you to your chair, he pulls it out.  You are the focus on all conversation, the man is 100% present in an engaging conversation..

STOP, that has NEVER happened.

I'm just getting to the good part.

No, that has never happened.

Perhaps it is time, for you to have a magnificent experience with Brian James Johnson.  Call me and we will see if you can fit in his schedule...



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    Height: 5
    Height_inch: 11
    Weight: 180
    Body Type:
    • Athletic/Muscular
    Age: 40s
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Salt & Peper
    Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
    Education: College
    What do you offer?:
    • High Class
    • Companion
    • Travel Partner
    • Charming
    • Conversationalist
    • Sense Of Humor
    • Adventurous
    • Red carpet events
    • Seeking a possible sugar momma
    Are you available to travel if all expenses are paid?: Yes
    Do you speak multiple languages? If so please list them.: Habla muy poquito espanol
    Radius I am willing to service: 150+ Miles
    Madison - Wisconsin