Phone: +15806861320
Pricing: $50/Quick
About Me:

My name is Vosh Madeson Im running a organization with the same name. Vosh Madeson was create after my accident which i sustain major burns through my body. I use to male companion before the accident I was called mysterious man I use to show up in different costumes or different mask never showing my face. I ran a tight ship so my identity never show and that the whole point of my organization women getting great services from mysterious men that will rock your world and prices are cheap as well. I believe in quality not quantity right now business is moving if you get connected with a Vosh Madeson its Vosh Madeson we all are Vosh Madeson any man whi works for me is Vosh Madeson my company and partners are a reflection of me so they are me. Don't get discourage my partners are great gentlemen that will treat all clients with respect. If you reach out using the number provided you will get Vosh Madeson since we busy at times please bare with us we get your services fulfill once we have opennings and trust me its worth the wait again thank you for being a client of Vosh Madeson


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    Height: 5
    Height_inch: 10
    Weight: 180
    Body Type:
    • Slim/Fit
    Age: 30s
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: Other
    Education: College
    What do you offer?:
    • Mysterious
    • Sense Of Humor
    • Adventurous
    • Seeking a possible sugar momma
    • Seeking a possible arrangement
    Are you available to travel if all expenses are paid?: Yes
    Do you speak multiple languages? If so please list them.: No
    Radius I am willing to service: 150+ Miles
    West hartford - Connecticut