Pricing: You can make an offer or present your case. As I said, I do not have a "pricing" mindset since I do things naturally.
We can discuss more about the arrangement and personalize it to suit us both. I can adapt.
About Me:


During my (travelling, studies, direct experience) life, I met plenty of people from all walks of life. Sexually, I love women and I naturally feel attracted physically to them. I observed that many people face all kind of problems and anxieties, insecurities, curiosities that remain dormant and are draining energies out of them and into the void that never fills up unless dived into.

All this – far more accentuated in women due to the way they are usually treated by the mainstream society.


Why am I offering this service?


Because I care. And because I know and understand much more than other people what you go trough as women. Because I studied and because I want to do something to change the way people see and do stuff from my end, starting with myself and with what I CAN do and am already doing.

I support women and their liberty, curiosities and great power. Wonderful creatures that have been oppressed and reduced to a limited existence, on the great scale of things, for such a long time. I am giving them a choice to step out of it and I am offering myself as a companion, friend, shoulder and ear to lay on and talk into.

What can we do, what to imagine?


this ain’t only about sex; sex is great as it is, at it’s right natural time, when and if the partners feel inclined to do it. But it is not excluded.

– dinners, picnics, traveling adventures, company, walks, trips, talk-to, friendship, advice and the list could continue

– respect, sweetness, authenticity, honesty, softness



P.S I do not charge for anything I do.

It would be against my way of living. I do appreciate though an exchange of energies. Maybe I can help you, maybe you can help me. Maybe not. I believe in a harmonic energy I design around myself and in gifts we make to each other by our mere presence, smiles and existence. That is how I live my life. That is what makes me happy and peaceful. Hugs!

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    Height: 5
    Height_inch: 10
    Weight: 143
    Body Type:
    • Athletic/Muscular
    Age: 20s
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Black
    Ethnicity: Other
    Education: College
    What do you offer?:
    • High Class
    • Party Type
    • Companion
    • Travel Partner
    • Mysterious
    • Charming
    • Conversationalist
    • Sense Of Humor
    • Acting
    • Adventurous
    • Red carpet events
    • Dating partner
    • Seeking a possible arrangement
    Are you available to travel if all expenses are paid?: Yes
    Do you speak multiple languages? If so please list them.: English, Spanish (basic), Italian (basic), French (basic) Romanian (basic)
    Radius I am willing to service: 150+ Miles
    London - North West