Date in Los Angeles or Just Hire a Straight Male Escort?

So much talk around male escorts for women these days and still people wonder why. It's really not that difficult of a concept to understand. Just as a man takes a lady out, a lady can offer to take a guy out! The only difference is that men pay for everything the women typically want and the women just pay for the guys time (whatever that price is)... it's a fair trade.   Sure being a straight male escort or some people call it a "male companion" in Los Angeles raises it's fair share of eyebrows but people don't know the half! I get hired for all sorts of reasons such as corporate events, wedding dates, recent divorcees scared to get back into the dating pool so they hire someone like me to inch their way back in and feel comfortable around the opposite sex . The list goes on and on and I have come to realize that I am more like a healer for these ladies. I've had a client tell me that she was very skeptical about hiring a "Male Escort" but her friends talked her into it. The end result was that she told my boss (since I work for a straight male companionship agency) that "it was so much cheaper than divorce thearpy and I actually enjoyed myself and I felt more alive then I have in a long time" (keep in mind she did pay $4K for en entire weekend). Escorting isn't an easy job trust me! I have learned and grown so much since getting into this industry (over the last 2 years) and would have never thought that I would actually be helping changes the lives of women. I have learned from many of their stories and past experiences in life and I'm grateful to be apart of their lives. The big question for any "in demand straight male companion"..... Have I been tempted to stop escorting and get into a relationship? Yes... one time and it was recent. I can't nor would I ever say any names but I do want to let you know it is possible. Truth be told I got into this business because I wanted to pay off some debt. Now that the debt is becoming less and less I tend to think of a relationship as the next step in my life.