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There are so many rich single women looking for men and there was a shortage of quality men out there until now. Since I have joined forces with a reputable agency (5 Star Companionship) and many other men like me have as well, I have been able to experience the same high class lifestyle that I was once raised in and I love it! My clients love being around me as much as I’m amazed at all the cool things I get to do (parties, events, mansion charity events, las vegas weekend trips, shooting range, Kentucky derby this list goes on and on). Dallas Like I said before there are many rich women looking for a man however not every man is capable to matching up to a high class rich women’s standards. For the average younger man, it’s a very nerve racking situation to be in however it comes natural to me as I was born into the upper class environment and raised that way. Don’t get the wrong idea as I wasn’t fed on silver spoon nor spoiled as I’ve had to work extremely hard to get to where I am today (CEO of a personal training boot camp club). At a young age i was taught the value of a dollar and being able to earn money while doing something you are passionate about is like hitting the lottery as your job never feel like an obligation but more like a hobby. I really enjoy my time with women that are older than me as they always shed light on life in ways that i haven't experienced (and I do the same for them). Being a male companion for older successful women seems to be the perfect side job for me as it allows me to travel and be with smart women.