Mo’s caution in the business

 To all of my would be benefactors and potential benefactors. I need you all to really understand about how this business really works. Over the last couple of months I have received a rash of fraudulent checks from new benefactors. I guess that these benefactors thought that I and others like me are not savvy enough to go through any banking process. This fraudulent check practice is costly and real time waster. Benefactors hear this cash works in this business and it works well. There is a level of trust in what we do as   “Elite Male Companions”. We […]

Looking for a Smart, Sexy, Dashing Male Escort in Austin?

If cheese were a woman I would have been married a long time ago. Yeah I LOVE cheese that much…So I am aware I could list the things that make me awesome but I am sure you have heard about them in other Posts and I believe actions speak louder than words 🙂 I do enjoy a sense of humor in a woman and if you are looking for someone who is fun, respectful, adventurous and the definition of amazing company then Hello *waving*I will say I love animals, music, meaningful conversations and self improvement. In my professional life, I […]