Elite Male Companion for hire in Ohio!

The time of our lives are counted by the spontaneous moments we put ourselves in. In a time were those moments appear, having someone who further expands and enhance that experience by your side is what any beautiful Women needs.  As someone who will better supplement you, cater to your needs, I got the confidence that your making the right decision in me. A little about me would tell you that I’m admirable, optimistic, loving, open minded, and on the adventurous side! I have the upmost respect for manners and know how to treat a woman the best way possible. […]


I love living in Houston! Its so diverse and the women are so business savvy! I love having those conversations with older women regarding business, social skills and perceptions on life. I have spent many years in self development and professional courses, traveled a lot and lived a full life, and one of the most valuable lessons I have learned is to be present to the opportunity of sharing experiences. I will get away for a trip on short notice, take off on a weekend getaway for no reason at all. Drive up to wine country just to have a […]

“Charming Male Compainon for Portland”

Coming to Portland has been many blessings I’ve encountered in my life. I was born and raised with my family in Chicago, Illinois. Family taught me a lot about how women should be treated and respected always. I’ve always adore women and try my best to connect mentally and emotionally whenever I’m out with a lady. I”m very spontaneous and love trying new things. Picking me will definitely be a new experience and a unforgettable  evening.