How To Be An Independent Male Escort

Everyone knows that the straight male escort industry is blowing up. There has been so much awareness that has been built around the idea of hiring male escorts now more than ever thanks to reality shows like reality shows and books like 50 Shades Of Gray. Here at Independent Male Escorts we offer all the tools and advice you need in order to be a successful male escort. We also offer tons of traffic on our website and cool features that can help you get even more traffic like blogs! We know what it takes to be successful in this […]

Straight Male Escorts for hire

Lately it seems like the demand for straight male escorts has grown tremendously and everyone seems to want a piece of the action, hints why this website was developed. Here is one of our top Male Escorts that is available for word wide travel. He currently resides in Las Angeles For any women looking to hire a male escort (straight that is) should be able to visit this website and search for a guy based on over 60 different search options such as location, hair color, willingness to go on dates with couples, willingness to travel, body type or even […]

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Hi Ladies, I’m Dallas, one of the top straight male escorts in Los Angeles VIEW MY MAIN PROFILE HERE. BEST MALE ESCORT IN Los Angeles ! I’m a personal trainer and a world wide traveler as I train high net worth individuals across the United States. I currently reside in Los Angeles however I have lived in London, Las Vegas, Miami, and Houston Texas. I am available for travel anywhere as long as expenses are paid. I have many stamps on my passport and I enjoy seeing different parts of the world and learning about new cultures. I think I’m […]

Male Escorts For Women Hits An All Time High

Now more than ever we find successful and independent women that are wanting to find that perfect male escort for their next upcoming wedding, corporate event or exotic vacation. These women don’t have the time to go out and mingle at bars or upscale lounges so they consider hiring an agency to find the perfect guy for them. Besides finding a guy that fits their requirements in terms of looks, they also enjoy the fact that they are in control and since it’s the responsibility of the male escort or male companion to play a specific part you can bet […]