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Chicago is such a great city.  I have been there a few times during my years as a straight male companion for women.  I am based in NYC and travel extensively.  I have enjoyed meeting women for exciting, spontaneous and comfortable companionship for quite some time and am one of NYC’s top providers of companionship for events, nights on the town, quiet evenings over dinner and drinks or more intimate adventures.  Whether you are local to an area, travel there frequently or this is your first time in town, there is no better way to enjoy the sights, fine dining […]

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In Boston on business or for pleasure?  Enhance your visit with the company of a straight male companion for women.  I have been meeting women for exciting, spontaneous and comfortable companionship for quite some time and am one of Boston’s top providers of companionship for events, nights on the town, quiet evenings over dinner and drinks or more intimate adventures. Whether you are local to the area, travel here frequently or this is your first time in Boston, there is no better way to enjoy the sights, fine dining or the city’s many cultural attractions than with a sophisticated male at […]

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I’m LA, a very professional, well educated high class male escort in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. I am open to traveling anywhere in the world with a women and my passport has many stamps that have created many great memories for me.  I am extremely clean and healthy in all aspects and I’m also hold a medical and legal degree for high net worth individuals. A saying I live by is “Your health is your number one asset so you must protect it”. I have been told for many years that I am a great conversationalist (on a […]

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For all the women reading my blog, I have breaking news. I Nick Manning have just recently signed on with a very prestigious Male Escort agency called 5 Star Companionship! This means that (The real Nick Manning) is now available to any women that is looking to hang with the best and also get to know an extremely successful and professional adult film star. I take pride in my job and have strived to be the best in anything I do so I can assure you that you will have no worries when you hire me. Male Escorting is a difficult […]

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If you are a women looking for a great time and only want the best then please consider looking over my male escort profile as I service the Los Angeles area and Las Vegas. I am always available to escort you anywhere inside or outside the United States as I’m passport ready. I have worked all over the world as a professional adult star/ film maker and enjoy traveling as every time brings a new experience. Some male escorts may not be comfortable in a new area or situation as I am which I believe helps set me apart (besides […]

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Hello Ladies & Welcome to my blog. I am your straight male escort male companion in New York city, Fairfield county and other great cities. I offer a personalized male escort and companion service in NY city area for special and exclusive women who expects the perfect boyfriend experience ever. If you are looking for an elegant dinner date, a romantic night in town or dance the night away, I will be your Male Companion. Growing up in Beirut Lebanon, moving to Paris France then Brussels Belgium where I finished my studying, and now working in NY city, the greatest […]

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Older women looking for younger men, the 21st century swing! Older rich women on the hunt for younger men is the next booming industry! Keep reading as it’s not what you think…. As one of the cofounders of this website, I get to talk with all sorts of male companions all over the united states that work with rich women that are seeking men like themselves. Majority of the time these women are looking for something that goes way beyond anything physical. The secretive truth behind the curtains is that older women looking for younger men is the new trend […]

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Being a male escort in Los Angeles means more than just what people have been traditionally brain washed into believing. I take my job very seriously and make it a point to understand what it is that my clients desire or have been deprived of and I deliver every time. Women hire me for many different reasons and I thrive off of being able to put a smile on their face. With many of my clients I actually have a care free, comfortable relationship and many of them want to take care of me by offering me gifts etc. I enjoy […]

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So much talk around male escorts for women these days and still people wonder why. It’s really not that difficult of a concept to understand. Just as a man takes a lady out, a lady can offer to take a guy out! The only difference is that men pay for everything the women typically want and the women just pay for the guys time (whatever that price is)… it’s a fair trade.   Sure being a straight male escort or some people call it a “male companion” in Los Angeles raises it’s fair share of eyebrows but people don’t know […]

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There are so many rich single women looking for men and there was a shortage of quality men out there until now. Since I have joined forces with a reputable agency (5 Star Companionship) and many other men like me have as well, I have been able to experience the same high class lifestyle that I was once raised in and I love it! My clients love being around me as much as I’m amazed at all the cool things I get to do (parties, events, mansion charity events, las vegas weekend trips, shooting range, Kentucky derby this list goes on […]